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Jordan Nielsen



Lynn Vartan
Director of Percussion
Southern Utah University


“Jordan is a percussionist whose heart and mind go into his sound at every moment!! I knew that from the first moment I heard him play, and it has been a joy to hear that magic develop more over the years. That kind of passion for creating a special sound at all times is something I really admire about him!!!"


"...Not only is he an excellent percussionist, he is an exceptional teacher. His patience, empathy, and professionalism, as well as his willingness to go above and beyond, has helped us to expand and improve our programs."

Tom Sweeny
Associate Director of Bands
Hickman High School


Jordan Nielsen has been an excellent addition to our Hickman HS Marching Band staff. He is very student focused – always meeting the student at their level while striving to continue their growth in ways that best fit their learning style.


Many musicians -- amateur and professional -- are good at playing notes. The more elusive quality is truly making music from those notes, which requires the full and rapt attention of the player to the performance and music. Mr. Nielsen is the rare person with that ability. And, his sharp focus and intense attention are applied to just about everything he does. This includes not only musical performance and overall artistry, but also allied technologies such as proper use of microphones and cameras for audio and video production of music events.

Frank Stearns
Mobile Audio Recording Services

Ashley Pribyl
Director of Education & Outreach
Missouri Symphony

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